A Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS) is often requested by the insurance policy to provide a technical review of high-risk marine construction and transportation project operations.

A Marine Warranty Surveyor provides a technical review of the clients documents and procedures. The MWS will typically attend site to oversee and approve operations. The MWS will act on behalf of the underwriters, the assured, the contractors and for selfinsured clients.

Landguard Marine’s Warranty Surveyors have a critical role in reducing risk in offshore projects and operations. Landguard Marine has many years’ experience of acting as MWS on a broad range of offshore and transportation projects. Utilisation of our multidisciplinary team of Naval Architects, Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Structural Engineers and other specialists helps our clients mitigate and monitor project risks.

Adopting a proactive approach, working closely with the project team to highlight and solve potential issues at an early stage, and maintaining the continuity of our experienced team throughout the project.

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